LibreOffice Base tiny navigation toolbar

In Ubuntu 18.04 with LibreOffice (via apt package) and LibreOffice 6.1 (via Snap), in Base the navigation toolbar to navigate among records is so small that is almost invisible:
image description

Does someone know how I can fix it?

Thank you

Nothing on that can be modified. Possibly submit an enhancement request on Bugzilla.

Ok, thanks.

I have the same problem, so it still persists… Libreoffice running on Ubuntu based ElementaryOS.
image description

OK, I have done some digging and found how to fix this.

Open file:


Find following section:

scrollbar.horizontal slider {
    min-width: 30px;
    min-height: 15px;

Edit min-height to 15px;

Close Libreoffice and open again. Done.