LibreOffice Base tutor/assistance

First time user and I’m hoping to make a database with the following functionalities:

  • Frontpage/homepage contains list/button of all locations > clicking a location will bring you to its directory (contacts, dates, etc.).
  • Trigger an e-mail notification for different people for two deadlines of the submission of documents.
  • Click on each document entry and out comes an editable letter (to be sent manually so no need for an e-mail system).

Think of it as a student directory - I’m not a teacher but this is the best analogy I can think of - and the homepage has a list/button for each section, and clicking on it will bring you to the projects directory (instead of student directory). Each project has two deadlines - a reminder and the actual deadline - and on the said dates, it will trigger an e-mail notification to select students.

I want to automate my personal projects for a non-profit organization - hence going with LibreOffice - and I’ve read that a database will help. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Well based upon your opening comment you may be in for a shock. It appears you are new to LibreOffice, Base and databases (which also includes SQL).

You won’t get much of an answer to your question as it is too general and covers an enormous amount of information and back and forth dialog. This is a site where you ask a specific question regarding some part of LO and hopefully get an acceptable answer.

On the surface your project probably can be done. However, for someone new, expect many weeks and months to get something reasonable started. Base is a front end to databases. Although Base can use one of two databases included within LO, it is possible these many not satisfy your needs. So you need to examine the possibilities (out of scope for this site).

You also need to learn SQL for the chosen database - this is the language to talk to the database. You also need to learn Base itself. And once you have a decent idea of these different items you need to actually design the entire process (your project) before starting. That will be time consume itself.

If you wish to continue, see my answer in this post → Drawpage Property or Method Not Found?. It contains some links to much Base documentation.