Libreoffice Base with Oracle Driver - some query don't work!

Hi all!

I need to use Oracle database in LibreOffice Calc. I added the library ojdbc6.jar and configured the access and create some query in Base… It works!

But some query don’t works:

When i want retrieve the system date:

Statut SQL: 42000
Code d’erreur: 904 / ORA-00904: “sysdate” : identificateur non valide

Or if i use “ROWNUM” to limit result.

Statut SQL: 42000
Code d’erreur: 904 /
ORA-00904: ROWNUM : identificateur non valide

All that query works if direcly executed in sqlplus tool from Oracle.

Thanks in advance for your help!

No ideas ?

Hi @MichaelB12, It looks like you might have uncovered some bugs in the oracle connector. Please file a bug about your problem or problems! The QA team will be happy to help you track down these issues! Thanks!

I still didn’t find any solution for my problem with some query (rownum, sysdate) and i’m forced to abandon…

Any help would be very appreciated!