LibreOffice brings other document window to front when hovering over it (Mac)

Recently LibreOffice started to behave very annoyingly when I have multiple documents open. When moving my mouse over a window with another document, LO suddenly makes that the front most window. Not my intention at all, and a severe hindrance. Is there a way to prevent this?

I’m using the latest AARCH64 version on an M2 Mac running MacOS 13.2.1. This behaviour is fairly recent (don’t know the exact version when I started noticing this) and is also present on an Intel Mac.

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This has nothing to do with this particular application. It might happen with any window of any other application too. It might be a setting in your MacOS settings. I know that similar options exist for my Linux desktop.

Hmm, LibreOffice is the only application that does this, so it IS specific to the application. Furthermore, MacOS does not have a setting for “focus follows mouse” (and if it did, it would again do so for all applications, not just LibreOffice).

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Sorry, I’m out then. I never used a Mac.

Appreciate you trying nevertheless!

I have exactly the same problem on Mac. It’s only happening on LibreOffice documents. Even if I am working with something else and have a document open it may happen that I pass over the document with the pointer and the LibreOffice document becomes active in front of all other windows.
I noticed that it may be related to buttons on LibreOffice which display a short explainer text of what it it. That text makes the window active. Hope there is a solution for this soon as it is incredibly annoying.

If it’s annoying and not a defined behaviour in your desktop environment then please file a bug.
And report the bug number back here in the form tdf#123456

I filed bug report tdf#154046 for this.


Ah, was resolved as duplicate of tdf#152173 but thanks anyway!

Thanks for keeping this bug active ( #152173 )- this behavior is very annoying and I look forward to a resolution.

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This is not a solution to the problem. To avoid confusing other users looking for a solution, repost as a comment and delete your non-answer. Thanks.