LibreOffice Calc Sharing Error

I am using Libreoffice calc version I have opened a xls in LibreOffice calc
and saved file as .ods file format, because native file format of Libreoffice.

The problem occurs whenever I share a .ods file with multiple users. I am getting an error as General Error: General Input/Output Error.
while saving a spreadsheet.

Please let us know if there is any limitation in LibreOffice calc in share mode?

How many number of user can work on LibreOffice calc in share mode?

Also I am listing My PC configuation details

Service Pack 3

LibreOffice Calc version 4.3

I guess, you have activated the option in:
Menu/Tools/Share document - Share this spreadsheet with other users.

Otherwise only the first user opening the file can save changes, it is opening in read only mode for others.

I have done a try and works right with Win7 and LibreOffice

Neither I can see the issue in a share folder with WinXP Prof. sp3. Maybe some permissions in the share folder are not properly set.