LibreOffice Calc AutoFilter Empty cell not working

I’m running LibreOffice

Build ID: e5f16313668ac592c1bfb310f4390624e3dbfb75
Locale: en-AU (sv_SE.UTF-8)

On a MacOC High Sierra 10.13.6 and I’m having trouble with the AutoFilter function and empty cells in Calc. When I opt to filter so that only empty cells remain, it just returns none of my rows (until the end of the section for which I have applied AutoFilter). Observe:

Here’s a little small table* where row 6 is empty (notice it is not last):

enter image description here

I apply AutoFilter to A1:A8 and opt to filter for empty cells.

enter image description here

And this is the result

enter image description here

This isn’t what I expected. Row 6 should remain. What trickery is this? All help appreciated, as long as it does not involve (i) rewriting LibreOffice code or (ii) using a macro. I expect to be able to do this easily, it shouldn’t require that much work - and yet I’m struggling. Please help.


  • yes I know it’s called a “doe”.

Aaahhh… Okay. This apparently is solved in Version:… curious.

image description

Interesting. Okay, I’ll leave this up here for the next person who is like me and mindlessly googles this problem and doesn’t find any answers. Apparently, the answer is to use a more recent version than 5.

Release 5.0.3 is more than 4 years old, so… yes.