Libreoffice Calc cannot load color list?

I was trying to load a color list (files with .soc) extension in Calc but didn’t find any button to load (or save whatsoever) in the Tools/Options/Colors dialog box.

Buttons to save and load color list are available in Draw, Impress and even Writer, but I did not manage to find them in Calc.

Any Help?



This is how to change the default palette for all Apps within LO/OO4 (though you will need to get down & a little dirty):

  1. Create and/or beg/steal/borrow a suitable palette of colours stored as a .soc file
  2. Close down LO/OO + the Quickstarter
  3. Go to your profile
  4. Under config are a number of palettes (*.soc files)

    eg /path/to/user/.config/libreoffice/4/user/config/standard.soc
  5. config/standard.soc is the default palette for all Apps
  6. Rename config/standard.soc to config/standard.soc.old
  7. Move/Rename your-palette.soc to config/standard.soc

    The next time that you start LO/OO it will now use your own palette.

Extra 1: The LO/OO3 palette has a different format to the LO/OO4 palette file.

Extra 2: The LO/OO4 palette file is plain text (text/xml).

Extra 3: There are also presets loaded on installation, and used for initialisation + profile reset. This is under Debian 6.0:

$ file -ib /opt/libreoffice4.4/presets/config/standard.soc
application/xml; charset=utf-8

If this helps then please tick the answer (:heavy_check_mark:).


To load a color list in Calc:

  • Draw a shape (rectangle, etc.)
  • Right-click the shape, then Area, Colors tab, click Load color list