LibreOffice Calc Cell Padding

is there any way to set default cell padding in LibreOffice Calc?
for me, the cell contents are to close to the cell border.
I can set it manually in every file I edit, but It will nicer if there is an option to set the default cell padding.

thank you.

You find the settings concerning cell padding for cell styles (or in the formatting dialog for selected cells) under the tab Borders.
Changing the settings for the cell style Default will affect all cells if not their (different) styles or the cells by direct formatting have an explicit setting under Borders.

If you change the settings in your standard template, this will also operate on new spreadsheet documents.

This is correct however when you created a calc file from that template border-padding will return to the system default value the next time you reopen the file. This is first noticeable when inserted new rows or when cloning the formatting from previously rows. This previously rows looks right but if you look in Alignment/Border you can see that border-padding is set to the system default value and not to the value you entered in your template. The template you used when you created the calc file.
This is very frustrating because Libre has chosen an extremely small padding by default so that all spreadsheets look ugly and mushy if you do not manually change the padding all the time. Too bad because it makes you tired of Libre.

The above only seems to apply when saving the calc file as .xlsx. If you save in .ods, the border padding that you put in the templates is retained.

I never save office files to alien formats.
There is no “system default value” for cell styles.
There is a primitive LibO-internal de-facto template for each document category. You override it by choosing your template explicitly or by setting a ‘Stanfard’ template using the template manager.
Insertion of rows is done with the cell styles or attributes from adjacent rows depending…
Sheet templates or row templates don’t exist, but new sheets are created with all cells having the current default cell style assigned. The settings for this style are taken from the used template for a new file, and are saved with te document.
There may be a few cases where the application to a new sheet seems incomplete. (I have in mind cases where the optimal RowHeight is changed by the setting of the default font size for the cell style. However, it is applied correctly if you call the respective command.)

If you are tired of Libre, you need to change to a different software. You may find one more wide-spread, and therefore having accepted its behavior as a de-facto standard by many. Unfortunately MS-Word or Excel having taken this role established many bad “standards”, in specific the lack of a clear concept of styles and templates as I was told.
To find a clearly better one may not be exactly easy.
If you want to consider your “tiredness” once more, you can alo try to help improve LibO by well considered bug reports in This Q&A site isn’t the right place for complaints and also not for enhancement requests.