Libreoffice Calc comments unreadable now

I have just spent 100h adding many comments to a Libreoffice Calc on a secondary laptop only to move the file to my primary work laptop and the comments are not readable (they are screenshot images). The comments are there but small and blurry.

I was using an older version of LO Calc on the secondary laptop and I could see them fine there. I checked the size on primary laptop and it’s the same. The only difference I can see is that I have the newest version of LO Calc on my primary laptop.

I have also tried with opening Excel on my primary laptop and with that the comments just show up as blank images when I hover.

A fix on Excel or LO Calc would stop me from putting my head in the oven tonight! Please help!!

Which version of Calc do you have on the old laptop? On the new laptop?
Could you upload a sample .ods file to this forum so we can better investigate what is going on, or at least post a screenshot.

Hi and thanks for taking the time to reply.

On the old laptop it is version and on the new laptop it is version

The images on my new laptop have since become blank (see first screenshot).

The original images on the second laptop are in next reply

All the images are now blank on old laptop. They were unreadable before but I messed around with a few things last night and they have since gone blank as per first screenshot in previous reply.

Do I understand correctly that you put images in comments?

If this is the case, first make a copy of the files in order to avoid more damages. Then, rename the copy with the extension .zip. Open it and go to the folder Pictures. Inside it, you should see the images that are in the spreadsheet. Please confirm.

Yes, images are in the comments.

Did you mean to just resave the file like so?

The comments are still showing blank images with unknown author.

In Windows Explorer, go to the menu View and make sure that the checkbox File Name Extensions is checked. Then, you can change the extension of the file. Then you can proceed as described.

OK, tried this but the images are still showing as before, blank when I hover.

I saved with and without a . after zip, just in case.

Rename the file Cash shallow

Then you can double-click on it and it will open a zip window showing the structure of the files inside the zip. Then navigate to the folder Pictures. Inside it, you should see the images that are in the spreadsheet. Please confirm.

OK. I see this in the zipped folder.

When I click thumbnails I see 1 this

When I click the thumbnail I see this (which isn’t one of the pictures in comments).

If there is no Pictures folder, I think that your images have disappeared… I can’t think of anything else to do.