LibreOffice Calc crashed on either creating a menu or running a macro directly on newly upgraded Ubuntu 22.10

LibreOffice Calc version crashed on either creating a menu or running a macro directly on Ubuntu 22.10. I tested on another desktop computer, these 2 problems did not happen in 22.04 . What should be done next ?
Customize > Menus:

and on running a macro directly as well.

Test.ods (12.5 KB)

The 3rd screenshot shows just a BASIC runtime error, not a crash. Anyhow, from what I can glance that sample code should work. The 1st screenshot isn’t a crash either but maybe an endless loop or waiting for something that doesn’t happen. Both things are odd. Maybe uninstall all libreoffice* packages and reinstall; don’t laugh, it wouldn’t be the first time that helped after an Ubuntu upgrade. They somehow manage to break things in various ways.
If all doesn’t help then submit a bug report against the Ubuntu bug tracker.

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Thank you so much and as you mentioned, it ‘always’ happened after upgrading. Previous upgrading to 22.04 LTS, LibreOffice became paralyzed for a week and recovered after that.
At this time, I have no time to wait. So, I decided to do clean install Ubuntu 22.04 for I have to use LibreOffice BASIC on my accounting application all day long. Furthermore, Pop_OS Shell which is necessary for me, doesn’t support as well.

To 3rd screenshot:

It is not possible to ignore 2nd parameter if 3rd parameter is used. There were some ignorations of inaccuracies for Basic in older versions, but with the implementation of ScriptForge the Basic is more strict.

Printscreen from the Help:

@KamilLanda: it was actually a bug: tdf#151012, and it’s fixed in (upcoming) 7.4.3. The help page is inaccurate itself.