LibreOffice Calc crashes regularly and predictably on WIndows 10

On windows 10 (all updates current) using LibreOffice (x64), Calc now consistently crashes under any of these conditions:

  1. closing a single spreadsheet with the intent to keep the application open. In this case LibreOffice stops working, and notifies Microsoft of the problem
  2. Closing the application with an open and saved spreadsheet. Same as above
  3. Closing any document with a calc sheet and a writer document open. In this case it is a fast exit.

After any of these crashes, every time LibreOffice re-opens it starts the recovery process, which (depending upon the circumstances) leads to either an endless loop of manual crash and recovery, or an endless loop of LibreOffice attempting to open, but resulting in a sequence of fast appear/disappear splash screens, which then requires killing the application in task manager - furthermore there will usually be several cases of LibreOffice open in the task manager when this happens. Killing individual instances, one at a time, will usually result in a successful open once only one instance remains in task manager.

This situation began after updating to version 7 (I’ve updated now twice, to, hoping it was a bug that got fixed).

This is coupled with OLE sheets not being displayed in other applications, even though the application reports that there is a linked sheet - it’s just not visible. I don’t know if those two things are in any way related, but for now I’d be happy if LibreOffice would just open and run without crashing.

Any suggestions for what to look for in trying to troubleshoot this?

Try running LibreOffice in Safe Mode to see if it works OK without your current user profile. Click Help > Restart in Safe mode. If you do not get the problem in Safe mode then your user profile is probably corrupted.

Read the user profile page carefully, there are two methods to reset the profile but you do need to back up the old profile first so you can restore some customisations

(I’ve updated now twice, to, hoping it was a bug that got fixed).

Please note

If a problem is caused by a corrupt user profile (or a non-working setting like hw-accelaration), reinstalling or updating LibreOffice won’t help at all, since this action won’t touch the user profile. Therefore: Before reinstalling/updating check, whether the user profile might be the cause of a problem.

To test whether LibreOffice user profile is causing the issue:

  • Start LibreOffice
  • Restart in Safe Mode using Help → Restart in Safe Mode and confirm the restart using button: Restart
  • Click button Continue in Safe Mode
  • Perform the procedure showing the problem and check whether the problem is gone (If you need to open a file, use File → Open - do not use some other procedure)

**Ref.:** [LibreOffice User Profile](
Please provide a feedback about such user profile test using *add a comment* function.

Problems with the recovery process can be avoided by using the command line option
(can be added to the start shortcut).

For me the problem was solved after downgrading to (x64) and disabling the automatic updates.

Instead of downgrading, why not upgrading to the newest version (e.g. 7.3.6, and then upgrade to 7.3.7 when it comes out one month later)?

Also you may give version 7.4.2 a try which will be released in one week.