LibreOffice Calc crashes when insert chart

LibreOffice Calc has crashes when insert chart. It stops working when double-click on the chart.
My OS is Windows 10 Pro, LibreOffice version 4.4.5

Using the not most up2date but latest portable version of LibreOffice here on winpro 10/32-bits with similar outcome: The sheet contains multi-byte Japanese characters as well if this is helpful for the bugfixers. Always crashes as soon as you try to insert/create a chart in a sheet.
Workaround: apache open office ;).
Update: ods-format spreadsheet containing a chart created with Openoffice 4 will open correctly in LibreOffice but crashes as soon as you touch (click in) the chart.

Same issue on Windows 7 and LO 5.1…
No exotic fonts, document was created in Apache OpenOffice, any chart manipulation causes crash.
Unfortunately, it renders LO unusable in my case.

I had similar problem today with x64 on Windows 8.1, Crashing when double click on an existing chart or when selecting data range and trying to use Insert, Chart (chart appears but before chart wizard opens Calc crashes and starts file recovery). Until today seemed to be working fine.

Posting here as the existing answer seems to link to an unrelated issue.

First tried removing user profile, restarted PC, still see the same symptoms.

Second, removed user profile, uninstalled, restart PC, re-installed, still the same issue.

Third, removed user profile, uninstalled, restart PC, installed, and this seems to have resolved the problem.

similar problem here, using same version.
even when I select small data, it crash.

don’t know what to do…