Libreoffice calc datas lost after renaming the folder it was in

Hi! I just opened a very important libreoffice calc dok and saw that basically everything from the last six months just disappeared. I changed only one thing today: I renamed the folder that contains this dok. That’s all. I can’t understand how can it cause disappearing data?? Please help me to restore because all my payments and other very important datas are lost and I simply cannot accept this.

Is the option:
Menu/Tools/Options/Load-Save - Always create backup copy.

Did you actually use Windows Explorer (or whatever directory listing program appropriate for your platform) to actually look in the renamed directory?

Note that if you rename a directory or move a file outside of the LibreOffice system, the “Recently opened” file list will not find those files because it still points to the old (non-existent) directory.

Hi @n,

Are you still having issues here? If so, please let us know if you have any more information about the situation.