LibreOffice Calc - Goal Seek fail for first time and successfull on second time

I am using Ubuntu 22.04 and LibreOffice Many times it happend that when I attempt goal seek for the first time it says "Goal Seek failed. Insert the closest value dash(-) into the variable cell anyway? Then I press yes. Then when I attempt goal seek for second time it says. Goal seek succeeded. I attempt same method same cell reference everything same for the first time and second time but it do not work for first time and works for second time. What care should I take so that it work on first attempt.
Half Monthly Statement Jan to Dec (Court 1) 2023.ods (119.5 KB)
Screenshot from 2023-11-18 20-45-52

Put yourself in the position of someone reading your question! We know neither your database nor the settings you are working with!

Try now in this Worksheet

hm… works for me.
From the formula in Target K23, the actual value of 246 and the target value of 250 its pretty clear to increment C23 by 4, isn’t it?
or in case first screenshot 246 → 215 →→decrement C23 by 31
( it looks like overkill using →Data→GoalSeek ? )

Try some more cells in last three worksheets

enter 0 into C23 before →Tools→GoalSeek; done

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or better…enter the Value calculated in your mind and forget goalseek :sunglasses:

It might be an OpenCL issue, try disabling OpenCL and see if problem goes away. See First steps to take before submitting a bug - The Document Foundation Wiki(OpenCL)