LibreOffice Calc - How to load lists and pair them up?

I need help on LibreOffice Calc.
Im rewriting from a pdf catalog a tons of goods into xls file.

Id like to know if theres a way to actually load names,pages,prices,manufacturers into list, then let that list fill the columns and pair it up with each other? Wiritng it manually is gonna kill a lot of time. Is there a way to speed it up this way?

An helpfull fellow on IRC described it this way : what;s relevant is “column A has this sample data: …; column B has this: …; I need this in C - following these rules…”)

EDIT: Lets say i need Column A to have differents types of item numbers within some sort of categorazation(ex numbers like 110 210). Next Column C lets say its designed to have names of products which id like to somehow extract or add into list > then iwould spawn these names into this column. Then i could pair/manually spawn these numbers with products.

All the goods have some variants(colour,price,differences) but name and item no need to be paired , then there are colours and manufacturers which i need to pair up with.


I am sorry if I was unclear: what I meant was: you need to prepare an example with some short data, and a description of the end result. You could post a sample spreadsheet here, so that others could easily understand your task and not invent their sample data sets for testing their suggestions.

Oh okay!
Heres what am i doing

Pdf documents looking the same (or very similar) can be of very different internal structure. Whether or not it is possible (by means we can discuss here) to extract structured data from a pdf cannot be decided without the pdf, imo.
A way only depending on the appearance would be to use an OCR software in a first step.

Quoting: “Oh okay! Heres what am i doing”
That’s not a pdf but a png image of unknown origin. Did you make a screenshot of what you already have converted… ?

my bad ,
heres the pdf

OCR printout is here

Oh thats the format of what im trying to do withing lxs file

edit: the first one is of what im trying to create. PDF is up in my previous reply

I guess my english is broken haha…
Is there something I could do to clarify?

Edit: About OCR jpg i have drawed around the data i have to work with

I cannot find a pdf, and I cannot extract one from the html stream I get from your link. Too much modernistic nonsense for me. I obviously am too old to cope with this. For me files still need to be files…
Sorry, I cannot find a way to help you.

Thats totally my bad… I though sending an jpg would be enough to get an how to and didnt realize i should post the actual PDF and Xls.

Unfortunately it looks like the data you want doesn’t have enough regularity to the formatting to make it easy to do an import. It is just the way PDF’s are created. I opened up the pdf in a pdf reader did a select all of the text and pasted it into a text editor to get an idea of how mush trash might be copied along with the needed information.

I saved it with a .csv extension then did an import to calc. The data would need some extensive hand editing to get it import correctly. as you would want it.

Is there and chance that you can get the data from the client as a spreadsheet? or even possibly as a Comma Separated Variable text file.

I am assuming that you cant get the spreadsheet file. A text editor with some macro recording will help to a certain extent, but may require extensive tweaking to account for all the variance in the data itself. You will have to do some manual editing regardless.