LibreOffice Calc - how to move the anchor relative to a chart

How do we move the anchor of a chart relative to the chart?

=== Editing ===
Don’t rely on Part 9 for now! As I just tested it doesn’t work this way, at least in V6.4.0.2. Further invstigation needed.

Part 1: Guessing
You move the chart and the anchor is automatically placed in the cell whose area contains the top left corner of the chart’s shape. You want it otherwise.

Part 2: A first piece of answer
As long as the chart’s shape is anchored To Cell you cannot place the anchor in a different cell without relying on user code (pending investigation). If you do it by user code any movement of the chart by means of UI will restore the previous behaviour.

Part 3: A question in return (Always tell what you actually/finally intend to achieve!)
What effect do you aim at? What is disturbing you having it as is?

Part 4: A next guess
You want to be able to change column widths/row heights right of/below the anchor position without an effact on the position of the chart in the view.

Part 5: A second piece of (probably welcome) answer
If you anchor the chart To Page it will no longer move in the view due to changes in width/height of any column/row.

Part 6: A matter of discontent
But then the chart also doesn’t move if I change width/height of a column/row left of/above the intended anchor cell - and I want to see it move in this case.

Part 7: A third piece of answer

Part 8: Another guessed question in return
And how to change this effect and to get the behaviour I wan?

Part 9: An answer in return
By user code. (See Part 2.)
(Pending investigation.)

Did I guess correctly?

Please give sufficient information in an unambiguous way next time you ask.

Hi Lupp.

Many, many thanks for your very detailed reply.
Your Part 1 virtually answers my question. Except that I had to close/reopen the file for this to take effect. While the file was open, if the I moved the chart, then the anchor stayed in the same relationship to the chart. (Two culums to the left and 20 rows higher than the chart area left hand top corner.)

My problem was that the anchor was appearing amongst data about 20 rows further up the page, which just looked untidy and made me wonder if I had done something wrong. I don’t know how it got to that position, relative to the chart area. Using “Anchor > To cell” did not seem to do anything, and it seemed odd that there was no way to designate which cell to anchor to.

I didn’t put all this detail in my question because I am not very good at explaining the problem, and I didn’t want to complicate the issue.

Now I wonder what I had done that moved the anchor away from the left hand top corner of the chart area.

Again, many thanks.

What version are you using?
The recent versions I knew moved the anchor with the shape immediately, also in the view.
The current RC V has changed the behaviour again as I just tested in pursuit of your question: In this version the anchor follows the possition and also the position follows the anchor if set by user code.
This behaviour seeming new to me makes it impossible to get things the way I supposed you wanted it by user code. A loss in my eyes. I’m considering to post a bug report concerning this. Let’s see.

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