LibreOffice Calc: impossible to assign a precise value to columns and rows

Hello everyone, I wanted to point out that the latest version of LibreOffice Calc ( seems to have a bug: if you enter a full value to any column or row (eg 2cm), the program will return a false value, such as 2.0003cm
This does not happen with previous versions

2cm isn’t a numeric value, but a text. If this input into a cell is resulting in a display like 2.003cm this isn’t “unprecise” but miraculous.
Wanting to get a useful answer, you need to hope for a user being a gifted diviner, or to attach an example sheet (.ods) showing the issue for you.
(See comment below,)
Also: What’s your UI langueage? Your locale? The document language? Probably related option settings? What was the last previous release definitely not showing the issue for you? …

BTW: LibO V 7.2.1 (.2 Release) is available.

Maybe it isn’t a false value, maybe it is 2cm cell width plus the thickness of a line at one thousandth of an inch. Irrelevant for a few columns but more significant over hundreds of cells if total width is important. Just a thought in an idle moment. Cheers, Al

You surely are right. I wasn’t clever enough.

Not at all, it is just speculation on my part without any checking or testing

7.2 actually is producing the described behaviour, does not.
However, I feel sure this isn’t due to a change in the internals, but only an increase of the number of decimals shown in the dialog. If I enter 2.003cm for a column width In 6.4.5 Calc, and inspect the result, I get shown 2.00 cm.

Inspected a row object with the Basic IDE in both versions after havin set the “UI-height” to 2 cm.
Both versions showed row.Height = 2000 and row.Size.Height = 2001.
(The unit always was 0.01 mm.) I won’t spend additional time to research about the difference.

The value 2003 may include an additional amount for the view regarding te cell grid?
BTW: A row of 1024 cells all set to column.Width = 2000 shows row.Size.Width = 2048257 (for me). Influence of screen resolution? I won’t worry.

I think you are right, how do you resolve rounding issues for page sizes in different measuring systems? See tdf#101217
And my speculation was wrong, I now have another measurement conversion to remember 1 Twip = 1/1440 inch :slight_smile:

Lacking understanding on my behalf, but also lots of nonsense due to…
See my comment on the “answer” by the OQ.

I am now using version and the problem does not occur.
I usually set exact measurements for columns and rows, so getting false values doesn’t help much.
I don’t see why this seems to not work in newer versions

Read tdf#101217 to see that the older versions give less accurate (false?) measurements than

As already mentioned, you should assume the value never was “exact” but just shown as if. As far as I can remember Calc showed these measures in the UI always with two decimals with the UI and locale settings I ever used (also for inches). The measures in pixels (for the screeen) and in 0.01 mm may be incompatible, and printing is a different thing again. Part of the background may be the usage of outdated measures in some filelds of modern tech due to the power of a few societies blearily insisting in their old ways.
If you judge this issue to be relevant, you may report a bug to

There’s already tdf#144247 as a successor…

User just don’t expect to see the real computing world.

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