Libreoffice Calc Pie / Ring Chart Issues

Run version Libreoffice Calc and having color formatting issues with all pie chart types (Pie, Exploded Pie, Ring etc). The following occurs:

  • I cannot change colors chart segment via “Format Data Series” any changes to solid colors a simply ignored. Changing shading type (gradient, bit map etc) are applied to the whole chart and legend
  • Adding color fill range results color being applied in a anti-clockwise manner, however it does not update the legend at all.
  • There is no apparent way to force the legend to update or even manually fix the colors.

In addition to this behavior, once the color fill range has been added, it cannot be removed. The range can only be changed. The only way I found the the range can be remove is delete the chart and start again.

The only way it seems, that I have a degree of control over the colors is by change the default colors in the Tools->Options->Chart->Default Colors section.

Am I missing something here or is this a bug?

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Does How do I change the colours in a pie chart? help?

Yes it does - with respect to formatting the data point instead of formatting the data series.
Why would that be the case?

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I had a think about it. Editing a data point as opposed to a data series does make sense.
Problem solved.