LibreOffice Calc Pre Employment Testing

I am preparing to hire a person for a position that requires versatile, flexible and solid spreadsheet skills. We use LO exclusively. There are many pre-employment spreadsheet tests specific to MS Excel. But many of the questions in those tests deal with Excel-specific features (such as the ribbon) that are not relevant to LO. Also many of the tests focus on trivial things like changing the cell color.

What would be be the best approach to pre-employment testing for LO Calc? I am mainly interested in testing a person’s competency with functions / formulas. I want to test whether a person can create spreadsheets to solve a specific problem and is able to draw upon knowledge of a wide variety of functions to accomplish the task.

Of the free tests I have found online (with minimal searching) this is the one I like the best so far:

Free Excel Tests Of Your Knowledge
http: //

Does anyone know of something similar but longer (more questions)?

I’m willing to pay for this testing.

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Hi there,

I know my reply comes a bit late and you might have already finished the assessment, but I have something in mind that I think it’s really worth it.
An interactive test that evaluates the answers provided for specific questions. The answers are not multiple choice style. They require actions to be taken in the real LO Calc application. If you are interested, I can get back to you with further details.