Libreoffice Calc Print Range

Hi all.
I have a two questions:

  1. How can I change the colors for the selected cells?
  2. How can I define the print area/range on selected cells on Calc?

Sorry for my BAD English!


Select the cells and use the menu…

  1. Format | Cells (select the tab background and choose a color)

  2. Format | Print Ranges | Define

Question three: When I open a .xls file from web it’s opening in Read Only mode. Can I disable this?

Thanks for help but I just printed a file from Calc and it sent 33 pages to my printer. Does anyone have this problem?

Look this link, please: Can't edit my word doc, why? I suggest you divide your questions on several questions. This practice can help keep the site more organized. Thks.

  1. Format | Print Ranges | Define

does not work! page preview does not take care of any defined print range… it drives me crazy!!!

I have that problem too. Mine said one page in the preview the proceeded to print 133.

The initial question in this thread:

  1. How can I change the colors for the selected cells?

could also be interpreted to mean:

When selecting a cell range, the color of this range changes temporarily to denote the selection. Where are these colors defined?

Mine is a pale grey that is hard to see, and I would like to change it.

I have changed various colors under ‘Tools > LibreOffice > Appearance’ without much success. I found a posting elsewhere that showed that the transparency of this color could be affected by going to:

Tools > LibreOffice > View

and clicking/changing the ‘Selection/Transparency’ setting.

Deselecting the ‘transparency’ checkbox altogether made the color of the selected cells turn to black, and re-selecting transparency and setting it to a lower value made the selection darker, which is progress. Yet, I would like to change it to pale yellow, rather than dark grey.