LibreOffice Calc problem when referencing cells in another spreadsheet

I am trying to reference a cell in another spreadsheet. I open the two spreadsheets, go to the spreadsheet I want the cell to show up in and enter “=” then select the cell from the other sheet I want to reference. The cell shows up in the spreadsheet like I expect. Then I save the worksheet and close it out. When I reopen the spreadsheet the link to my referenced cell has changed. LibreOffice seems to be appending an extra path to the spreadsheet. So I get something like this:

Original Correct Link: ‘file:///home/ryan/Documents/Source.xls’#$Sheet1.A1
After Opening Once Link: ‘file:///home/ryan/Documents/home/ryan/Documents/Source.xls’#$Sheet1.A1
After Opening Twice Link: =‘file:///home/rcooper/Documents/home/rcooper/Documents/home/rcooper/Documents/Source.xls’#$Sheet1.A1

The link keeps growing each time I save an reopen the file. I am using LibreOffice and CentOS 6.6. I am saving the files .xls as I need the ability to open these files on windows as well. I can provide more information if needed. Thanks.

IIRC there was such problem in older LibreOffice versions that later was fixed, but I don’t recall the exact release when. You’d have to query BugZilla for that.

I recently observed a most likely similar problem in LibO I linked a column of cells into another sheet of the same Calc file. When I moved (crtl+x & ctrl+v) one cell from the column with the links to any other position of the same sheet, the links for the entire column broke.

A test showed that this doesn’t happen in 4.3, thus I upgraded to

Would an upgrade be a solution for you as well?