LibreOffice Calc - Right Click Spell Check Doesn't Work


When I’m using LO Calc, and I find a misspelled word in the cells, right clicking on that word doesn’t give me the spelling suggestions or the ability to add the word to the dictionary. I’m a medical student and this is how I study my vocabulary. I also add words to the custom dictionary as I go.

I used to use OpenOffce, until it kept crashing.

I’ve tried the suggestion that says to format the cells as text, by selecting the cells and choosing “format cells” from the context menu, clicking the numbers tab, and choosing text. I’ve also chosen All from that same menu to see if it would make any difference, but it doesn’t.

Please help me enable the context menu spell check function again, I use it constantly.

I have the following LO version:

Version: (x64)
Build ID: dc89aa7a9eabfd848af146d5086077aeed2ae4a5
CPU threads: 4; OS: Windows 10.0; UI render: GL;
Locale: en-US (en_US); Calc: group

Thank you for your time,

Double click to edit the cell, then right click on the mistaken word.

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Oh my absolute heck! I swear to you, I’ve been doing that the whole time… but now, of course, it works. So, my problem is solved. Thank you…I think? However, I am extremely grateful for the rapid response. A HUGE thank you for that! I’m very glad I made the switch from OO to LO.

Please use comments not answers. What it’s the last working or not?

This is an intermittent problem. When opening a Calc sheet, spell checking will work fine for a while, then it will stop, and I have to reopen the page again. I can’t find any pattern to it, because I’m using the sheet and constantly making changes. But when I re-open it, it works normally for a while before stopping again. Please help, this is making me HATE this program.

Have you test with Menu/Help/Restart in Safe Mode

Found a few other references to this problem on various posts, but this appears to be the best place to post an update: this problem appears to still be present as of the current release version ( I will second that the problem appears to be an intermittent failure that comes and goes without apparent rhyme or reason that I can discern; right-clicking on red-underlined misspelled words in Calc works just fine for a while, then it stops (for a while), and if I continue right-clicking on misspelled words, it eventually starts working again (without having done anything in particular that I can tell to “fix” it). I’ve put some time and effort into trying to isolate the problem, but to no avail, as yet.

I will note that the problem is not related to the wrapping of text in cells (per an apparently-related problem that has been marked as “fixed”, in at least one other place I looked) – this happens on cells that have no wrapping, as well.

This is a big problem for me, too.

Was there ever a fix for this issue? it’s still an issue in

Sorry for the double post. But i appears that the problem is more complicated than I thought. So the above suggestion works for a couple of minutes then it stops. I can correct a few words, or add them to the dictionary, then it reverts back to not offering the spell check options in the context menu any more.

To test this, I had a document with some errors through out (medical words that weren’t in the dictionary) I started correcting from the top, and a few words in (less than 10, less than 10 minutes of correcting) it stopped offering me the spell check functions that were just there.

I tried correcting from the bottom before closing as a control.

Without saving my changes I opened the same document and started correcting from the bottom, again it worked fine for a little bit, but then stops after a short time.

Now I’m really confused…

Thank you again for your quick response.