Libreoffice calc Tabbed layout is too compact (visually complex)


Toolbar, more specifically the FIle/Home/Insert/… tabs and their contents are judged too compact and complex by our users. It is hard to see the selected tab, and the layout is not spread out enough. (this is subjective)

Is that a render issue ? Or something that could be changed by the configuration ?

[EDIT] To clarify my question: how to get a render that is “like the Preview pane” of the image above ?

P.S. This could be answered with a “this is as expected, the feature are here and working” but in our context where users are not excel/IT experts, the LibreOffice UI is the main source of rejection…

What is the question? Obviously you know it can be changed by configuration as you have shown a screenshot.

The configuration is already set in the screenshot I provied. But the render it gives (top part of the image) is not what you see in the “Preview” pane (bottom part of the image).

Considering the “Preview” is the expected result, and as I dont get this expected result :
Is that a render issue ? Or something that could be changed by the configuration ?

The image in the dialog is, AFAIR, hand-made, and is not a real screenshot. So basically, it is intended to give user a general idea how the things differ one from another (when one clicks on the options, and compares the images), but not the definite final look (which would depend on OS, used integration, icon theme, etc.).

That said:
I believe that your screenshot is from a system using a screen scaling (say, 125%), right? If you use 100% scaling, it would likely look better.
That would mean, that this is a bug, which you would need to file, in order to improve the look of this UI on HiDPI/scaled screens.

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This is correct, there is a 225% scaling from the system taking the screenshot. Reducing the resolution along with a 100% scaling (instead of having a high resolution and a 225% scaling) results in a better result.

[EDIT:Please ignore what follows] However shouldn’t it be considered a bug that the “225% scaling setup” gives another render ? Other apps (Excel, WPS) do not seems to have the issue and deliver a consistent render.

I misread your comment. Thanks.

FTR: tdf#151953 filed. Thank you!

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