LibreOffice Calc Thousands Separators?

I’m new to LibreOffice Calc and can’t find a setting to change number format with Decimal and Thousands Separators.

It’s easy to do this in Microsoft Excel as there is a dedicated button to change it.

Please let me know how to do this in LibreOffice Calc.

Input: 1234

Desired Output 1: 1,234

Desired Output 2: 1,234.00


  • Right click -> Format Cells...->Tab: Numbers
    (or CTRL+1 -> Tab: Numbers or Format -> Cells...-> Tab: Numbers)
  • Select Number under Category
  • Select -1,235 under Format (Format Code shows: #,##0 - Desired Output 1: 1,234)
  • Select -1,234.57 under Format (Format Code shows: #,##0.00 - Desired Output 2: 1,234.00)
  • Click OK


  • Decimal delimiter and thousands separator depend on your locale setting, you may need to set the language of your cell to English(USA) to get the desired result.
  • Desired output 2 can be created using CTRL+SHIFT+1 or by clicking icon labeled 0.0

Hope that helps.

My Tip: Use the Cell styles instead of the direct (manual) formatting method. You can use same properties in a Custom cell style, what you can apply directly to the selected cells.

Valuable hint, but how does that answer the question to change the thousand separator?

When you apply a well adjusted cell style, then the number formats in the formatted cells will be modified to the desired format. The Cell style will contain the format code and all of other relevant/available properties, like the language, etc…