Libreoffice Calc v6.1.3.2: Recalculate (F9) only works when a single cell is highlighted. How can I apply recalculate to the entire sheet?

Recalculate (F9) only works when a single cell is highlighted. I want the complete sheet, with several randbetween() cells to recalculate.

RANDBETWEEN() it’s a volatile function so it is recalculated every time a cell change. If you want it only recalculated with [F9] there is a new function recently added RANDBETWEEN.NV() .
LibreOffice 7.0 release notes

hello @DWLOffice,

i understand your question as if sometimes not all cells are recalculated, may be there are some ‘non volatile’ values, strings or formulas,

F9 is intended to recalculate the selected cell, in some versions (tested 7.1) it also affects some other - volatile - formulas, independent what’s actually selected,

to recalculate the whole sheet use [strg-shift-F9], that triggers a ‘hard recalc’ which should - with some small limitations - recalculate the whole sheet,


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For those using English keyboards it is Ctrl+Shift+F9

Cheers, Al

Why isn’t there a menu item to do this? Having to spend quite a bite to time tracking down this answer was frustrating. And, being old, I probably won’t remember it and have to look it up again in the near future.

It is there: Data > Calculate > Recalculate Hard

Also search on Recalculate in Help

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It’s so sad to read an accusative “Why isn’t there …” instead of a neutral (and acknowledging own imperfect knowledge) “is there a menu to do this?”. An attitude when “I haven’t found it” is equal to “you haven’t provided it” tells much about the asker.

Note that the neutral form is more appropriate even when there’s no such thing yet. Just because it’s not an evil plan to frustrate you, but simply people gave you everything, 100% they created, and that thing wasn’t created yet for you. (Not the case with your case, though.)


Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful.
You guy are doing great work.
I’m glad a menu item is in the works… I just updated from v7.2 to v7.3 and all I see in the menu is Data > Calculate > Recalculate. There is no Data > Calculate > Recalculate Hard in the menu I see. Perhaps it is a v7.4 feature. Thanks for your help.
“a grouchy old x software engineer.”

The Recalculate Hard menu item under Data|Calculate was introduced in version 6.2. But since you don’t see it, I can suspect that you have used LibreOffice since an older version, and had customized the menu in some way. Unfortunately, when user has customized the menu, the following upgrades do not replace the customized menu with an updated stock version (which would reset all customization if it did). See this comment mentioning the same effect on a different menu change.

You may check if restarting in safe mode shows the menu item - that would indicate that my guess is correct.

LibreOffice came on the laptop I bought recently. It had v7.2 installed. Little did I know that it didn’t have the factory default settings! So I’ll have to reset it. I never would have guessed. Thanks for the help.