LibreOffice Calc with slow opening, why?

I’m using LibreOffice version in Ubuntu MATE 22.04.
I noticed that after I open the 1st file (.ods, .xls, .xlsx) with LibreOffice Calc, subsequent file opening in LibreOffice Calc always come with a “Opening <file_name>” message in the taskbar. Although the file is already opened, but the “Opening <file_name>” message stays in the taskbar for >10 seconds.
Note that the “Opening <file_name>” message appear when I open the 1st file, but the message disappear relatively quickly as compared to 2nd or 3rd file opening.

Question 1, why the “Opening <file_name>” message stays in the taskbar even after the file is already open? Is there a way to make it disappear quickly?
Question 2, is it safe for me to start edit the file while the “Opening <file_name>” message still appear at the taskbar ?

I tried to repeat the same steps in Ubuntu 22.04 with GNOME42. There is no “Opening <file_name>” message pop out in the taskbar. Same as Ubuntu 22.04 installed with KDE plasma, no such “Opening <file_name>” message pop out in taskbar.
Not sure whether this issue is unique to GNOME2 desktop in Ubuntu MATE 22.04.

This is also true in Ubuntu 20.04 (possibly earlier also).
Have seen no problem editing while that message is visible or even closing the original file before the message completes.
If you want a second copy open, from the menu Window->New Window.
Did not (quick look) see open Bug report on this. You can look & file one if wanted here > Bugzilla

Thanks for the feedback.
Per your suggestion, I filed a bug report on this issue.