LibreOffice can't see other drives to open documents or save to. How can I fix this?

Recently installed on Debian Wheezy XFCE. System is a stand-alone desktop pc with a second HD used as a data disk. LO only ‘sees’ the Home file system. Nothing is shown in either mnt or media. Could this be a permissions problem?

Please edit the question to indicate something about the network configuration i.e., how remote volumes are exported and mounted.

Hi Guys… a bit more delving would appear it is a permissions problem that’s not quite straight forward. The data drive is a FAT32 and trying to change permissions as root won’t do anything. I’ve got some things to try which I googled… if I can get permissions changed so “user” can read/write, then maybe LO will see the drive to open/save to???

I’ll update in due course if this thread helps anybody else.

It was a permissions problem! Because chmod only works on extxfs systems and not on FAT systems, you have to change permissions of the mount point for the FAT 32 drive. Once done LO sees the drive no problem! :slight_smile:

I might be wrong but I feel this is an OS problem. Therefore I recommend to ask in also in an Debian forum.
Nevertheless I would also follow up this thread as in this forum there are also Linux experts.