LibreOffice changed my font

After a few tries, I now have the new LibreOffice 6.3 on Linux Mint. I can open writer documents, but all fonts are changed, and my resume and other formatting will have to be re-done. Any short-cuts to get it back the way it was?

Depends. Do you not have the same fonts installed on this system?

Thank you. The font list on the new Writer looks different, but with the old version of Writer gone, I can’t compare specific fonts.
I know the fonts are different now because on many documents I just opened, including my work resumes, the text used to fit on one line, but now the words overlap or extend to the next line.

If you experience so many formatting discrepancies, it is likely you don’t use styles. Styles won’t make you immune to font shortage/absence/replacement but it can mitigate the consequences.

The main newbie error is to space text with empty paragraphs (vertically) or spaces and multiple tabs (horizontally).

In addition to @ajlittoz, here is an exercise:

Tutorial exercise: Styles in Writer - LibreOffice 6.4

Thank you both! You’re right, I wasn’t using styles, and I was using center- and right-aligned tabs. The tutorial showed that the styles set the font and spacing for different parts of the document, so that’s very helpful for my resumes!

Linux newbie,

Install again that font.

To determine wich font was lost, in the Format toolbar you would see the mising fontname italicized when the cursor is over a text from which the font was lost.

Also if you open menu FormatCharacter…Font tab you will see “This font has not been installed. The closest available font will be used.”

Yes, I see that! The toolbar shows the old font name even though it’s not installed (when I hover over the toolbar, it says not available, substituted). And, I see what you mean in the menu Format, Character, Font. There’s not a place there to install it, so I will look into that online. Thank you!