LibreOffice completely ignores Linux input method (fcitx)

I am having trouble with entering non-latin text into LibreOffice via XIM in Linux.

When activating Linux input method (for example, to enter Pin Yin), LibreOffice completely ignores provided input.

Expected behaviour:
LibreOffice should show text as composed by fcitx, such as Canadian Syllabics or Chinese, etc

Actual behaviour:
Keystrokes go directly into LibreOffice, by-passing input method.


  • LibreOffice
  • Kubuntu (Ubuntu 14.04.3 with KDE
  • LANG=eo.UTF-8
  • XMODIFIERS=@im=fcitx
  • Both LibreOffice and fcitx are as
    installed by the operating system
    install process.
  • input method works everywhere else

Possibly related to bugs tdf#82907 and tdf#85795.