LibreOffice copy paste not working on Chromebook

I can’t copy text from other apps (Linux and chrome) to Libre apps. I can only copy and paste between Libre apps. Copying to other apps (Linux and chrome) doesn’t work.

So what? Chrome OS is not among operating systems officially supported by LibreOffice, thus, reporting problems is of little use.

So what?

I honestly don’t understand why such “comments” should be posted at all. A person having a problem with LibreOffice (so absolutely on-topic) on some platform (LibreOffice being a cross-platform application); they ask for an advice on an appropriate user-to-user Q&A site, and the user should not be concerned that some person does not care about this problem. You don’t care about some appropriate question - then just be so nice to keep silent, and not make people feel sorry for doing appropriate things. If only your reply were helping at least by teaching something useful!

Not that I personally can help OP - I don’t use Chromebooks myself.

  1. This site is (so far) a question-and-answer site. The OP has posted no question at all. Thus, the posting is not appropriate for the site.
  2. Any bug / issue reports are not appropriate here, too.

Hence, the remark. I really don’t understand what the OP expected to get by posting an off-topic non-question.

Well, formally you are right, and the post didn’t include a question mark. Sometimes I would agree that some posts do not really look like proper questions here.

But assuming that the reader is an intelligent person, it’s safe to expect that posting a problem might me considered as a call for help - and that might be not a supposed bug, but just a question how to set up things properly.

And I’d actually consider a “so what is your question” an appropriate reaction; while “So what - we don’t care about Chromebooks” is not.

I see the point.

OK, so what is the question?