LibreOffice crashes closing Print Preview

CORRECTION: LibreOffice RC1 has a constant and repeatable bug. If you are viewing a document (with the ribbon style tabbed interface enables) and click Print Preview, then click the print preview button again (toggling the Print View) the entire program will crash. The document you’re working on will have to be recovered next time LibereOffice starts.

Fixed in this commit. But as said, please use bug tracker to notify about bugs. Thank you! systematically crashes when closing print preview. Does anybody confirm that this bug has not been fixed in the release version, or it’s just me?


LibreOffice RC1 has a constant and repeatable bug

That’s why it is a called RC1 (Release Candidate), which means, that it is assumed to have bugs which could be fixed in the final release. Please update to a more recent release (e.g. - “still” release --or-- - “fresh” release).

Incidental Remark: Bug reports in general should go to Bugzilla, but I’d assume this report doesn’t qualify for a bug report, if it isn’t confirmed for a released version.

Hope that helps.

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Bugs regarding a release candidate perfectly qualify and should be reported in Bugzilla to gain traction.

SORRY, I’ve got, which is the latest release candidate, so wanted to let you know.

I’d say that bug in any version - including pre-alpha - should be filed (but not here; this is a place for questions like “how do I …” - please use bug tracker), to not be overlooked when preparing a release. You never know if others will come across it without your help before it’s in the release. One of the greatest part of using a pre-release software on any stage is being able to help by reporting such things. Filing a proper report with reliable repro steps is super helpful.

By the way: this is a bug since 6.2.0 - and no one reported!