Libreoffice crashes trying to recover a document

I can’t remember the specifics, but LibreOffice closed before saving a document. Now when I open anything in LO I’m greeted with the recovery screen which fails and crashes LO regardless of if I ignore it or try and discard the document.
When I run LO in the terminal I get this message before it crashes.

QPaintDevice: Cannot destroy paint device that is being painted

I can run LO with the --norestore tag, but I’d like to be able to recover documents in the future, just in case. Any ideas?

LibreOffice 30(Build:2)

Hello, thanks for all your good suggestions. I just installed Libre. Immediately, Libre said it’s underwent a crash last time, and that it wants to auto recover the document. I don’t understand anything what you’re saying about config and no restore. So, it’d be really great if one of you could baby me through it. Thanks guys!

I just ended up deleting the libreoffice file in ~/.config and reset everything. It worked.

Same problem here with Libreoffice 6.3 on Manjaro Linux. A database crashed while I was creating a report using the assistant and since then I find myself in autorecovery-hell. Autorecovery crashes every single time, Libreoffice starts again, crashes… If I click ‘Skip autorecovery’, Libreoffice crashes as well but at least doesn’t restart.

The error message is the same as the one in the post above:

QPaintDevice: Cannot destroy paint device that is being painted

I had this problem before with Libreoffice 6.2, the only way to solve it then was a new install, which I really want to avoid!

Running Libreoffice from the command line with the --norestore tag works, but that can’t be the solution.

Strange, same behaviour on my laptop, running xubuntu 18,04 LTS. The culprit seems to be again a .odb file. This one has just been created. I had to delete /home/user/.config/libreoffice to escape another instance of the autorestore hell.

I had this problem of constant crashing after creating a very complex calc sheet. The solution I found was to rename the calc file so that LibreOffice did not try to access it in any way (I guess). Luckily I had uploaded the sheet to google drive where I continue to edit it no problem.

delete lines containing recover in $HOME/.config/libreoffice/4/user/registrymodifications.xcu when the line has a file that nolonger exists.