Libreoffice crashes upon trying to save/convert to PDF in writer

I am on windows 11 (64-bit) and using the newest release (24.2.0). I have already tried going back to 7.6.4 and using either of the 32-bit versions. The details of my issue is that whenever I save a fresh document in writer and occasionally also when trying to save changes made to pre-existing documents, Libreoffice freezes and then crashes. A crash will also happen if i try to restore the file lost in a preceding crash. I am wondering if there is something that can be done about my problem?

Thanks ahead of time to anyone willing to respond, I am sorry if my question is nonsensical or strangely worded. I do not have much knowledge of these things.

Please give the details from Help > About LibreOffice. Click the icon next to Version Information in the About dialogue to copy the details and Edit your question (click the pencil icon) to paste