Libreoffice crashes when loading particular file

Mojave 10.14.6, LO

Whenever I try to load a particular Calc document Libreoffice crashes. It does not matter whether I launch it from the splash screen or otherwise.
It goes through the “Loading Document” and “calculating” phase of opening, then near the beginning of the “adapt row height” section it crashes and goes into document recovery mode.

All other files seem to be fine.

I was getting the “some files are locked” (or something to that effect) startup error message for quite some time in the past- perhaps this has something to do with it?

This file is a project I very much need to work on so hopefully I can get this resolved soon.


EDIT: updating to Libreoffice solved the issue, as suggested by gabix


  1. Upgrading LibreOffice to the latest version.
  2. Resetting your user profile.
  3. Apache OpenOffice. In my experience, AOO is remarkably more stable with large or complex files.

If the error persists in a LibreOffice updated to 7.0.6 then please file a bug report and attach the document to reproduce. If content is sensitive then offer to send the document to a developer upon request.

Why 7.0.6? The latest official build is 7.1.4.

I thought someone using 6.4 would rather use a more conservative version. But you’re right, reporting should be done against 7.1 only if the error persisted there.