LibreOffice defective extension / strange JRE error

I downloaded and tried installing this extension:
Libre OCR » Extensions

It didn’t work.

Since then every time I start LibreOffice I get this, but then the programs opens afterwards:

JRE required

But on a different user account I don’t get this pop up.

Uninstalling and reinstalling LibreOffice didn’t help.

  1. Why does LibreOffice have a defective extension that doesn’t import?
  2. According to LibreOffice JRE suddenly disappeared from one specific user account after a few years of no issues. This does not make any sense.

    What’s going on over here?


This is the extension that doesn’t work. Is it malware?

Try install java:

Install the correct JRE

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When you have installed Java, select Tools - Options - Advanced, then tick the Use Java check box and tick the JRE that you want to use, even if only one is listed.

That extension gets a very bad rating, all 1’s with comments that it doesn’t work. You should probably try something else.
Extensions offered in the repository are developed by third party developers, they aren’t part of the LibreOffice suite and its developers aren’t responsible for their quality.

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