Libreoffice destroying russian characters

Libreoffice 4.1
Win 8.1

The problem is simple, all russian character, in old and new documents, becoming question marks.

To day i open files that i created tommorow and all russian letters become question marks. Yesterday they work fine but now they are corruped.

I saved files in .docx format

When i am trying to open them in MS Office it tells that files are corruped and cant be open.

But the strange this is that the files that i created, something about 5 days before are working perfectly.

Update: All .docx documets with russian letters are destoyed with question marks. Only one document in .docx in russian are ok. And all documents in .odt are fine/

The � is displayed by your system when it comes across an invalid character according to the current settings in your program. It is called the UNICODE replacement character.

Sounds like you may have a problem with character set settings. Have you changed anything in MS Office? LibreOffice and most of the internet uses Unicode UTF-8. This supports about 100,000 registered characters including the Russian alphabet. If your MS Office is set to ISO-8859-1 (Western Europe Latin) only 255 characters are supported, and American US-ASCII supports the first 127 characters. The latter two are unable to display Russian and your system will display unknown characters as �. If the documents are displaying fine as .odt you should check these settings first. Peter

I didn’t change anything in MS office or in Windows.

Futher more. I created blank .docx from libreoffice then i tried to open it with MS Office and i get the same error as with old documents saying something about macroses and corrupted documets.
Then i created blank .docx in MS Offcie and then it works perfect.

Now i reinstall both libre and MS office and new files from both of them work good. But i dont know how to fix older one…