Libreoffice disappeared

I am running OX x El Capitan on an early 2015 MacBook Air. I had been using Word but the subscription went stale so I went with Libreoffice. I have had intermittent crashes, particularly while working with docx files in Libreoffice. Just now I had LO open and when I tried to exit the screen went black. I did a restart and when I got back on my desktop, Libreoffice was gone. One thing that might be an issue here is that the LO icon has continued to remain on my desktop. Did the program ever truly install on the computer? A confusing riddle as I’ve been using now for over a month. Any thoughts appreciated, though step 1 is just to reinstall.

The first thing to try is to call the program from the terminal. Type soffice and libreoffice and see what happens.