LibreOffice doesn't register typing during saves

I have LibreOffice set up to backup every minute. No problems with saving, but after the most recent update, every time it saves, it doesn’t register the keys I’ve pressed. So I’ll be typing along and sometimes I notice it and sometimes I don’t. Since I have to backup so frequently, it often happens that I’ll have to go back and re-type characters that didn’t show up onscreen when I typed them before, or wait several seconds for the document to finish saving before I can continue. This seems like a minor problem, until you’re writing a novel, using this program for hours at a time, and it keeps breaking up your workflow over and over and over.

I swear I remember LibreOffice registering typed characters during saving in an earlier version, but I may be misremembering a different software. Nevertheless, I know there are programs that allow you to type while saving, and I wish LibreOffice was one of them. Can anyone suggest a fix? Possibly reinstalling an earlier version?

(I already reported this as a bug but it was marked ‘invalid’ because someone didn’t like my username.)