libreoffice doesn't show fullscreen in zoom

I recently switched from openoffice to libreoffice, and I’m finding that I can’t show slides in fullscreen mode in zoom. When I try, participants see a black screen instead of slides, while I still see slides.

There are a couple of related threads. For example, this person had a similar issue:

However, my case is different in that I just used openoffice to do this yesterday with the same install of zoom. And, in my case a black screen shows instead of whatever I was previously showing. The workaround that that thread proposes (use the window mode for slideshows instead of the fullscreen mode) does work for me, but it’s hardly a fix and not really professional.

I’m using the zoom binary and not the web plugin. Other software can share fullscreen without issue, so it’s not likely a system-wide problem.

I would be extremely grateful for any help!

I’d be glad to hear any suggestions!