LibreOffice don't open after update to 7.2.2 (Window 10)

will do shortly - * Apps & features never showed up.

Open File Explorer (WinKey+E) and paste Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features into the address bar. That will open Control Panel at step 3. So try to repair LO as above.

Hi: *Al (EarnestAl) > Programs and features (uninstall / change prog), I show LibreOffice ( The Document Foundation) and LibreView Device Drivers3.3.1 (Newyu). I’ve stopped at this point for a Zoom conference > back in an hour. Thx

Ignore LibreView, it is not connected to LibreOffice.

If there isn’t an option to Repair LibreOffice then I would uninstall LO, download either 7.1.8 (stable) or 7.2.4 (fresh) and install that

Hi E Al; Just noticed another Libre component in the start menu called “Libre Impress” (?) I shall shortly try the ‘repair’ option and get back with you. (yes ?)

Hi E Al: It worked ! Libre is working with a ‘stumble’ it’s had from day one, with an inability to recover 3 files - every time I open it, when it’s worked, I always got the dialog box that it wanted to try to recover 3 files, allow it - it would always fail, then get on with my tasks. Just an added step I’ve always had to take time for. Hopefully that goes away with the next version (?). Which, btw, I should upgrade to the next version… any cautions, tricks, etc., I should learn ? And, of course, thanks so much for your priceless assistance. ~DN

If it can’t open the documents for recovery, select Cancel next time so it won’t ask again.