LibreOffice Draw, Windows 10, Dark Mode: How to change black font colour to Automatic

Can you please tell me how can I change all my labels automatically from font colour black to Automatic in LibreOffice Draw?

As Draw doesn’t support that Search and Replace functionality like Writer
I hope there exist some Basic, Python, Java code or similar, to change this in Draw easily

Generally speaking setting color to Automatic means setting the color property to -1.

The OOO Development Tools (OooDev) python project ( I am the author) has a few options related to this. There is the Color Module that has Predefined color and alos method to detect if a color is a dark color or a light color.

There is the theme module That gets the theme colors from LibreOffice. Currently it it can read the Theme Colors only. Perhaps Later features for create and save new themes will be added.

I have a couple of example that show this in action.

There is the Build Doc example. See source code for specifics.

There is the Build Form example. See source code for specifics.

If you look at it will give you a hint that it reads theme settings from LibreOffice Configuration.
See Also: Info.get_config() in the help.

May be I should have started with this, however, there is the LibreOffice Configuration found on the menu tools -> Options

Many thanks for your answer. I will check this.

I have changed some settings in the scheme “LibreOffice Dark” and also in “LibreOffice”.but without success.
Now I have the problem, that I cannot reset the scemes to the origin values, because the button Reset does nothing.
Currently I have changed back the settings as good as possible.

Maybe you have an idea, how to reset the schemes.

It seems the reset button only has effect in the current instance of the Applications Dialog.

It is possible to force LibreOffice to regenerate you user settings.

Regenarate you configuration.


This is for Windows.
Close any instances of LibreOffice.

Find your registrymodifications.xcu file and rename it to something like registrymodifications.xcu.bak

Restart LibreOffice and it will generate a new registrymodifications.xcu file. Now all the defaults are back. Be warned all your history and user setting will be gone, well still in the registrymodifications.xcu.bak file if you need to revert.

Note: IIRC in Linux the registrymodifications.xcu is usually in home/user_name/.config/libreoffice/4/user directory.

For Future endeavors make a copy of the theme you want to adjust by clicking save button in the dialog.
Now you can safely use and edit the new saved theme colors.

Sorry for my late reply.
Thank you for the information.

I thought about saving my settings to a separate theme, after my problems.