libreoffice draw and scan document


I have a pdf document that is scanned I would like to modify it in some parts.

Which steps I have to follow to allow me to select and copy/paste from the scanned document.

Thank you.

What is your goal? To get an editable text document? To add graphical elements such as strokes, check marks, ovals around text? To import part of the PDF into another application? (in which case, do you want to import as graphics or text?

Have you tried to use a PDF viewer? Most of them allow to select in text mode and then copy. They also have an annotation function.

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I have a pdf document that is scanned I would like to modify it in some parts.<

Do you have pdf file that consists of a scan of a document? Or do you have the original document? (in whatever format is is saved in)

It depends on the complexity of the document and the extent of the modification.

You can import the PDF in the Gimp for example (resolution can be defined during the import) and then change it with this picture editor.

If there are simple shapes, you can try to open it in Draw and either you get something usable to edit or nothing at all and you’ll end up redoing the content by yourself, above the image in background as a model.

Please remember that the PDF format is not designed to be edited, this is a mere digital impression.

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If you have scanned the document on your scanner then you might find the scanner company has bundled a basic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program with the scanner; use that to convert the picture of words to editable text. The basic OCR program is unlikely to keep the layout but in my experience retaining the layout makes for an impossibly complex document that is time-consuming and confusing to edit.

If you are on Linux, then your distribution is likely to offer at least one OCR program such as Tesseract OCR. If you are on Windows, you can download the free version of PDF-XChange Editor which has a basic OCR is included that I sometimes use with slightly better than adequate results.

There are online websites that offer an OCR conversion facility, a search engine will find some.

I would just export the text as text only then re-create the layout if required in Writer, then make your edits. Cheers, Al