Libreoffice draw connector is not shown during the drawing

I’m using libreoffice draw and I have some problems with the lastest versions:

  1. in the past versions of libreoffice when I drawn a connector between two object the edges of the connector rest snap to object point, while in the lastest versions it doesn’t happen;
  2. when I try to move the connector (not the object) the connector is not shown during the movement
  3. the connector is not aligned to the grid even I have set it.

In this way using the connector is really cumbersome.

do you have any advice?

thank you in advance.

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Did you ever find the solution?

@MRMRMRMRMRMRMR thanks for refreshing the question.

Problem 1: OP didn’t mention his LO version. I’m using under Fedora 38 with KDE Plasma desktop. Connectors attach to shape glue points and remain attached there. This suggest OP selected lines tool instead of connectors.

Problem 2: no “shadow” connector while moving it; this is really inconvenient.

Problem 3: connectors snap to the grid like any other shape. However you must be cautious about the fact that the grid doesn’t show all snap positions (otherwise the display would nearly be all black because there would be too many snap locations). When you go to Tools>Options, LibreOffice Draw>Grid you see that the “main” grid positions are set 1 cm apart. These “main” positions are displayed. There are also “secondary” positions defined by their numbers between the “main” ones. These are not displayed, only hinted at on the “main” grid lines.
This can give the illusion that the “main” positions are ignored, leaving the possibility to anchor shapes anywhere. But if you zoom in enough and try to move your shapes only a tiny bit, you clearly see snapping on “secondary positions”.

To sum up, only problem 2 exists IMHO.

It’s visible using LO under Windows 10.0.

Not for me:

And in Color Scheme LibreOffice Dark:

The connector remains visible when you move one of the connected shapes. But, the connector disappears if you try to move it (one of its segments) to reroute it so that it does not overlay the shapes (or any aesthetic reason). I.e. you try to tune the connector shape without moving the connected blocks.

In Windows moving the:

  • Rectangular connector shows position when moving.
  • Curved connectors reverts them to the straightest but still curved line between the two points until released. This seems to be Bug 126531 - Connector Behavior Broken since 6.2.x which is marked RESOLVED WORKSFORME on the basis of a test with

How does one get this bug re-opened?

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Just changed Status form Resolved to Unconfirmed.

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