LibreOffice Draw eats up memory

Please read my question: Pdf to Draw to Writer

LibreOffice Draw opens a pdf document and is apparently faithful to formatting. The imported file can also be edited.

BUT it is enormously memory hungry. Nearly makes the system UNresponsive.

How to control its hunger for RAM? How to use it for editing and trimming a PDF file?

Version: Version (Build ID: 400m0(Build:3)) in Knoppix 7.2.0


I opened a 52MB PDF file in Okular and it grabs about 46MB memory of which 32MB is shared memory.

Whereas, I open the said file with LibreOffice Drawing soffice.bin is around 252MB!

When saved in LibreOffice drawing format, it consumes 1.3MB, but when this file is opened it consumes 228MB, increases upon my scrolling from pages to pages.

Plus, the enormous time and CPU cycles it consumes to open/save files, whether PDF or ODG documents! Nearly, 10 minutes, with Pentium Dual core [ Processors- Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4300 @ 2.10GHz : 1200.00MHz] with 4GB RAM and VGA compatible controller NVIDIA Corporation C79 [GeForce 9200M G]
graphics card! My laptop would have shut down owing to overheating, had I not script-controlled the applications using script-controlled multiplexing.


Like djvu format the programmers of Draw might consider opening one page for editing and then integrate that portion with the main PDF file. That way, Draw will be lot less resource-hungry, or better still, nimble.

Thank you, Mr. Riosv, for commenting.


Better still, individual page of a particular PDF might be saved as temporary separate files on the disk inside a folder. Then, when we edit a particular page of a document, only that part be changed.
A binder be used to tie those individual files into a bound document, without compression. After requisite changes the bound volume can then be updated without touching other unedited pages in the document.

I think you are trying to use Draw as pdf editor. As I know the option was developed only to do a minor tweaks in a pdf, time ago, firstly as extension, now integrated. OTOH, surely it’s not the same open a file for edit than for browse. Please take in consideration that maybe you are not using the right tool for that you want achieve.

Dear Mr, mariosv,
Why should you think :slight_smile: ? I indeed was! Obvious from my post :slight_smile:
Friendly banter aside, I can’t browse a pdf file via Draw, as my native system has lots of tools for that purpose, Okular, evince, etc. It is very difficult to edit a pdf via Draw even.
I hope the programmers for Draw would consider page-wise opening of the document - a single page at a time, edit that page and integrate that with the parent file - like djvu does. Then, Draw would be much less resource-hungry

I’m not the one who insists on using Draw to edit pdfs. I hope you have luck and someone can come with a solution.

Do you know of any other FOSS tool that could be used to edit a pdf file? I don’t. Some say this, others say that, but I am not sure. I’d tested earlier with pdf documents but none was up to the mark.
P.S. In my earlier comment, " I can’t browse a pdf file via Draw" should be read as " I don’t browse a pdf file via Draw". It is an oversight. I apologise for the oversight.

Sorry but not, I never look for one.