Libreoffice Draw Effects Toolbar

LibreOffice Version:
Application: Draw

I am going through the wonderful videos from TheFrugalComputerGuy for LibreOffice Draw
He is using an older version and while I realize some things change I cannot find
the “Effects Mode” toolbar.

Did it get reorganized into other toolbars or are the functions gone?
I also cannot get a polygon to rotate.

I did download the Draw Guide, version 4.3 and could not find it in there.
Like I said, I know things change, is there some document that would list the
changes through the versions as opposed to going through all the individual
release notes?

Thank you for your help

Hi. The toolbar you are looking for is called Transformations now. Click on View | Toolbars | Transformations for it to appear. You can also just use the individual commands from Shape |Transformations

Normally the rotation dots appear the second time in a row that you click on an object. If they don’t just click Shape | Rotate

Cheers, Al