Libreoffice Draw: how to automatically resize canvas to content


I have been searching on how to do this and just cannot find it. I have made a certain drawing and now I want to make the canvas automatically snap / resize to the edges of my drawing. How can I achieve this in libreoffice Draw?

I do not want to manually set the width / height since I have many drawings to go through and it would take ages.

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if you export drawings to JPG, PNG or some other formats, you can select in Export Windows to export “selected area only”… what you have to do is to select all drawings on canvas (CTRL + A) and while exporting you should check “Selection”… is this ok for you?

Unfortunately, according to experience and an earlier answer, this does not seem to be possible. It is a valuable feature, though, and perhaps worth an enhancement request?

Related enhancement request is fdo#67952.