How should I report a bug or enhancement request for LibreOffice documentation?

What’s the best way for me to report a bug against the LibreOffice documentation, or to file an enhancement/feature request for the same?

There are indeed several way to report a bug. I use always

and find it convenient and straight forward.

Maybe someone wants to try this possiblity as well.

Where can I see a list of bugs and feature requests from all users?

Maybe here:

And select “Documentation” in “Component”

Per Bug Report Details on the wiki:

File a bug and set the fields as

  • Product: LibreOffice
  • Component: Documentation
  • Version: The corresponding version of LO, or unspecified , if globally applicable
  • Severity: For enhancements, set as enhancement.

For more information about subcomponents and keywords, see Help: Bugzilla Component Documentation on the wiki.