Libreoffice Draw not displaying fonts properly on Ubuntu 22.04 XFCE

I’m trying to edit a PDF on LibreOffice Draw and the fonts aren’t displaying (or exporting) properly in it which makes editing it very difficult. Here’s an image showing what I mean.

What do I do?

Install the needed font.

LibreOffice cannot use (partial) fonts embedded into PDFs. These embedded fonts enable viewers to display the PDFs as intended; but LibreOffice is not a PDF viewer; it imports the PDF information into Draw document model, and then uses system fonts to display it. No required font → a substitution happens.

Note that LibreOffice is not a proper PDF editor. Do not expect good results, because LibreOffice creates a new PDF each time, doing conversions both on import and export. The PDF’s internal structure will be unrecognizable, even when the look would be similar. Better find a proper PDF authoring tool.

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I have installed the fonts in question, and it still happens. Where is Libreoffice looking for the fonts on Linux?

I believe, it’s managed by fontconfig.

Is the font name that is displayed in the Properties sidebar the same as the font name that you installed? Is the name in the sidebar italicized, showing that LibreOffice actually didn’t find the font?

They do, yeah. I have the font installed via a GUI, but I guess it’s not in the place LibreOffice is looking for?

Is the name of the installed font LucidaHandwriting? Or is it Lucida Handwriting?

Ah, there is a space there, but LibreOffice doesn’t even recognise this font when I looked for it. (Linux won’t let me take a screenshot of the drop down menu for the some reason.)

Did you restart LibreOffice when you installed the font?

I installed the font a few weeks ago, so it should have recognised it by now?

How is the time relevant, when I asked about restart? I don’t know how you use your system; it may have months of uptime; you might hibernate it instead of turning off … please avoid answering by questions, just answer specific question of someone who tries to help.

I’m not avoiding the question. I turn off my computer every night, and just thought that was normal. I did try to restart after I installed the font initially and it didn’t make a difference.

Is it a TTF / OTF (TrueType/OpenType) font? Or maybe that’s a Type1 font - in which case, it would be unsupported… I read by googling that it’s ttf, but maybe there are different packages for it?

It’s a TTF font.
ttf files

So where does LibreOffice look for the fonts? Where are TTF fonts stored in Ubuntu?