libreoffice draw - rotate text thats snapped to a line

How can you rotate text that’s snapped to a line (by double clicking the line until a text cursor shows up or first slecting the line object and pressing the insert textbox in the menu bar).

Now it’s snapped to the line and rotated the wrong way making it hardly readable while viewing the document.
Current work around is by rotating the line and let the arrow change side. But this is really impracticable .

how can you change this:

image description

to this with a single click or easy solution?

image description

made a bug report:

I see two possibilities for a workaround:

  1. Draw the line with the arrow (arrow up). You label. You click on the line to be marked.
    In the sidebar at Properties you change the arrow ends.

  2. Draw your line with the arrow (arrow down). Write in a text box. Turn the text box to your liking.