LibreOffice Draw style by object type

Hi everyone,

I am fighting with LibreOffice Draw. I set some styles but can not figure out how to assign a style to a type of object. Is it possible to assign a type of object, like arrows or rectangles, to a style ?

Thanks for your time.

Have you looked the chapter on Styles in the Draw Guide?

Your question was: But how can I assign a style to an object type?

As far as I know, you can’t.

As a workaround you can format your object the way you want it. Then you put it into the Gallery. Now you can insert it as often as you want.

Styles in Draw are assigned to the object by selecting the object and double-clicking on the desired styles.

I hope that can help.

Agreed. But how can I assign a style to a type of objet ? Every time I create a new arrow it will assign a specified type to this arrow (automatically).

The Draw guide doesn’t seem to talk about styles. As Hrbrgr said, this feature doesn’t seem to be developed. It seems important to me. I am going to set and play with the Default styles then. Eventually add some objects in the gallery.
Thanks for your help.

If you want to play, you can explore some other draw options here:

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